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Constantine | 16.08.2010 00:17
Thank you for your super hotel and Marina personally! Certainly the next time you come, and we will recommend to all.

is taken from the site  | 26.12.2010
Friends came from Murmansk, and spent the night in this hotel. It's very pleasant, cozy rooms, service as a five-star hotel has a number of restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and course dinner. Prices do not bite, friends are satisfied. Recreation success.

Oleg and Yulia | 23.01.2011 12:55
Rested with 11.11.2010-12.11.2010. Thank you for the warm welcome and cozy atmosphere ..... Loved it, be sure to visit more !!!

Alex | 21.07.2011 12:31
I staying at the hotel in early June. I liked very much. Comfortable, modern, inexpensive, democratic. Close to Peter. It is very convenient for those who travel by car: close to the district, according to its quick access to all attractions in the city and under Piterom.Esli not want to ride around town, get off the MEGA 10 min., Leave the car in the parking lot and a free shuttle bus MEGA We reached the subway, 12 min.

Angelica | 21.11.2011 21:11
It's just a fairy tale! Wonderful host, tranquil home furnishings, a magical weekend we spent in this hotel ..

Oleg | 02.05.2012 23:59
Thank you very much for your hotel. All ponravilos.Tihoe, cozy place. Very pleasant owners of the house. The spacious kitchen, bright clean nomer.Chestno speaking, we have a choice in the hotel next visit is already solved. Good Luck To You!

Viktor.Petrozavodsk | 28.08.2012 20:32
There were a family 18.08.-19.08.12.Ponravilos vsё.Tishina, hospitable hosts, parking, everything you need in the room and of course close to the Ring Road rapolozhenie. Who travels the M18 - this is your "light" .Spasibo, good luck!

Pavlov VV | 01.09.2012 00:38
Thank you for your cozy refuge in dome.Zhal never met hozyainom.Nam you liked vse.Budem recommend to their friends and acquaintances your comfortable hotel in all respects.

Chashchin Alexander | 02.02.2013 15:28
Twice was, I want to come yet. Super !!!

Natalia and Michael | 21.10.2013 22:30
thank you for the warm welcome and good-natured attitude .we feel at home .vashe hospitality and care mesmerizing .OGROMNOE thanks, come again, greetings from Bashkiria.

is taken from the site  | 17.07.2015
As much as it may sound corny, but my wife's name is Nadezhda, she was shocked by such a meeting, it almost on his hands worn. Unusual thoughtful service in the most detail, staff can easily tell where you can spend time in the evening to dilute a bottle of wine. Posted: oleg.don.68, July 17, 2015

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Anonymous (Estonia)   | 04.11.2014
Rating: Good enough. Good location. Disadvantages: - there was no breakfast included in the price; - There was no WiFi

Victoria Severin   | 26.04.2015
Rating: Excellent!

Vladimir Melekhov   | 24.06.2015
Rating: Excellent!

Elena Artemyev   | 29.06.2015
Rating: Good.

Natalia Yamilova   | 11.07.2015
Rating: Very good!

Maxim Maltsev   | 19.07.2015
Rating: Excellent!

Marina Slesareva   | 21.07.2015
Rating: Excellent!

Sergey Akimov   | 27.07.2015
Rating: Excellent! All!!!! Cleanliness, comfort, location, staff. I recommend. Disadvantages: This is not .... And no, remember - heavily customized warm water because the water heater. But it is a trifle that and write about it not worth it.

Tatyana Solovyova   | 28.07.2015
Rating: Very good.

Andrew Lenkin   | 05.08.2015
It is convenient for those traveling by car all day and tired (no need to drive in traffic in the evening in the city). The place is quiet, parking. Houses lovely, in a room cozy. Disadvantages: Only for those who drive. Not very clean bathroom.

Sergey Makarevich   | 10.08.2015
Rating: Acceptable.

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